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Giant Right Ride Fitting System

Right Ride evaluates your knee, trunk, and shoulder angles and then recommends specific adjustments on the simulator to dial in your best fit for comfort and performance. Right Ride and our fit specialist will ensure an overall body position that’s customized to you. This includes your optimal saddle position and stem length, as well as your ideal arm reach, upper body positioning, and correct hip, knee, and foot angles.  We can show you how your new bike will fit before you buy it!

​​We are a certified Campagnolo Pro Shop!

​​What are the Campagnolo Pro-Shops?
The Worldwide Pro-Shop Project was developed to provide customers with consistently efficient service that is always in step with the evolution of the Campagnolo range as it grows in performance and technology.  In this perspective, human contributions and experience are essential to ensuring an effective and highly professional service to customers. This is why the Pro-Shop personnel are constantly updated and in close contact with Campagnolo through training courses, technical updates, communications and information on the new products and their proper maintenance.  The selected retailers, immediately recognizable by the special window sticker with an annual stamp showing current validity, represent Campagnolo professionalism at the local level and enjoy preferential treatment for handling returns under warranty and for acquiring spare parts.

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Bicycle Sizing

While this does not replace a bicycle fitting, it does give a good starting point and is included with a road bike purchase.  It includes the following:

*Saddle height and fore/aft position

*handlebar positioning - reach/drop adjustment


Our Fitters

Our fitting staff holds certifications from the Serotta International Cycling Institute (SICI).  SICI is the highest regarded fitting school in the world and teaches a non-brand biased fitting system.  This means you will be getting the best fit for you.  Not the best fit for a certain bicycle brand like many fit schools teach.

Pro Bike Build

Once your frameset, wheels and components have been chosen, we ensure that your new ride is meticulously and loving built with the same care that you would show our own bikes.  We have extensive experience building high-end custom bikes and love to do it!  

A properly fitted bike is a bike that is a joy to ride. 

Whether you are looking for your first bike or trying to improve your performance, a fitting is often the best place to start.  Everyone can benefit from ensuring they are in a safe, comfortable position on the bike. 

Existing Bicycle Fit

An existing bike fit includes the following:

*Saddle Width measurement

*Saddle height, fore/aft, angle adjustment

*Cleat position

*Bar and stem position


Flat Repair

When a flat is repaired the old tire and tube are completely removed from the wheel so that the rim and tire can be inspected for possible causes of the flat.   The tube is inflated to determine the site and type of puncture.  Inspection of the rim includes checking for rim damage and excess wear.  The tire is inspected for cuts, casing failure and tread wear.  Tires are evaluated for continued use or replacement.  Once everything has been inspected, a new tube is installed with the tire's label at the valve stem to facilitate future flat inspection and cause determination. 

Wheel Building

There is nothing like riding a hand built wheel set. Whether you are looking for something extremely durable, or want a race ready wheel set that is built for speed, we can help you to choose the appropriate rim/hub/spoke combination for your application.  

Our Tune Up

Our Tune Up covers all of the essential adjustments needed to keep your bike working flawlessly.  All bearings (headset, bottom bracket, and hubs) are checked and adjusted.  The wheels are trued, the tires are inspected and inflated to the correct pressure.  The bike is wiped down and inspected for damage.  The chain is wiped down with lube and both derailleurs are adjusted for proper adjustment.  The brakes are adjusted and the pads are inspected for wear. 

Drive Train Cleaning

If you ride all year round then your bike will benefit from this service.  Both derailleurs, the chain, cassette and crank set are removed from the bike and soaked in the parts washer to remove all grease and grime.  The bottom bracket cups are cleaned and checked for proper torque.  Once all components are cleaned and dried, they are re-installed, lubricated, and properly adjusted. 

Lutherville Bikes takes servicing your bike seriously. 

We want to make sure that it's riding like a dream.  Here, you'll find expert mechanics that have spent years mastering their craft.    When you bring in your bike for service, one of our technicians will thoroughly evaluate your needs.  They will go over the proposed work and give you an estimate of the cost and timeframe for the service. 

Service is booked on a first come-first served basis, but we also take service reservations so that you can drop off your bike the day before your appointment and be able to pick it up the following evening.   This limits your time off the bike and is especially recommended in the busy Spring and Summer months.

Mechanical  Services