​Have a bike but don't know where to ride? Or hate going solo?  Ride with us!  

Our weekly group rides are a great opportunity to enjoy the safety and camaraderie of a group. 

Each rider is responsible for his or her own safety on our training rides leaving from Lutherville Bikes or organized by Lutherville Bikes. Lutherville Bikes assumes no responsibility for accidents that could happen.

Serving cyclists since 1968!



Saturday Morning Road Ride
8:00 AM Start Time
Ride will be held from April 8th to September 30th
Ride will start and end at Lutherville Bikes
Please park along the white fence facing Greenspring Drive
Ride will be cancelled due to inclement weather
Weekly ride information, i.e., route, cancellation etc. will be e-mailed (Friday night) and available on Lutherville Bikes Facebook page

Ride Information
Average ride 40-50 miles, 2,000-4,000 feet of climb
14-16 MPH riding pace depending on route and weather
Route details will be in weekly e-mail and on Lutherville Bikes Facebook page
Ride in pace line (single or double) depending on road conditions
No Drop Ride but will identify areas for sprinting or fast climbing followed by regroup area
One rest stop TBD (convenient store or coffee shop)

Rules of the Ride
All riders must have a road bike in good working order with a
All riders must wear a helmet and have a flat kit.
Observe group ride etiquette (no overlapping wheels, effectively communicate, point out road obstacles, etc.)
Obey all traffic signs and respect other riders and drivers as we are not only representing Lutherville Bikes but the cycling community as a whole.
The Ride Is Not A Race – Goal is to have a fun, challenging and most importantly a safe ride!