Pinarello Dyodo E-Bike Demo Fleet

Test the latest technology before you buy for a nominal fee that will be applied to your purchase.

Sram Force Group

​Available sizes are 53 and 55cm

These bikes are also available for sale!

Pinarello Dyodo is a true road bike with a battery powered pedal assist motor in the rear wheel. Riding the Dyodo is like riding a top quality road bike but having the legs of a rider lining up to start the tour.  This carbon frame, pedal assist bike houses a motor in the rear wheel hub and a rechargeable lithium ion battery located in the frame downtube. Pinarello have taken great care to ensure the Dyodo is true to the Pinarello name.

The complete Dyodo bike weighs only 26.5lbs (55cm) and offers pedal assistance up to 20mph. The Dyodo allows the rider to select how much power to generate by offering 3 levels of assistance. The Dyodo handles and rides like a Pinarello and will be appreciated by all who ride on the road. Whether you're looking for a little help up hills, or simply less effort to get to where you need, the Dyodo delivers. 

Dyodo is equiped with the rear hub built to a Vision rim and the battery pack in the frame. The system works with the ebikemotion APP which is free to download.  With it's numerous benefits the app connects the rider to the machine in a totally new way.   You can swap out the real wheel & ride un-assisted!


We've hand-picked the hottest bikes from Pinarello's range to offer demo rides to our customers.  

This is a unique opportunity to ride a World Class Tour-ready bicycle before you buy for a nominal fee that will be applied to your purchase.

These "My Way" - custom painted Dogma F10 Disc bikes are equipped with a Campagnolo Super Record 12 groupset and  Bora One 50 Carbon wheels.

​Since its release in 2015, Dogma F8 has become a universal identification code for high-performance in the world of cycling, Now, the name Dogma F10 unleashes a new technical and aesthetic evolution that sparks the adrenaline of all that inhabit that world!!

Available sizes are 50, 53 and 55cm (57cm coming soon)

These very special bikes are also available for sale!



​Prince frames are the latest evolution of the all round bike from Pinarello for a wide range of users. Prince comes from experience and technologies developed for top range models but adapted for a less-extreme use, maintaining the unmistakable riding style of the most successful company in TDF history.

PRINCE DISC Di2 Ultegra 55CM Orange $5,500


 PRINCE Di2 Ultegra 56CM BOB $5,200​​